Inaugural Harry Potter-Inspired Halloween Festival in Swedesboro, NJ 10/28/17

By Swedesboro Community (other events)

Saturday, October 28 2017 11:00 AM 5:00 PM

(10/27 UPDATE: ALL INFORMATION MAY BE FOUND ON  Anyone purchasing wristbands from this point on: Our owls are being given a temporary break from letter deliveries (they were starting to lose feathers....whick Olivander was THRILLED about as he was collecting them for the wands, but that's a different story...). We will get them back to work AFTER our event. HAVE FUN!!! (PS, you will not be getting an email as all information is on the site). THANK YOU!

This Halloween Festival is INSPIRED by the Harry Potter book series. Come prepared to have a magical experience, there will be something for fans of ALL ages. Local businesses will have activities and HALLOWEEN themed lunch specials; interactive fun stations (classes) will be along Kings Highway; vendors will line Ashton Avenue with Halloween themed products; food court with Halloween themed foods; entertainment; and Harry Potter Inspired photo ops will be available. Be sure to visit for the most up-to-date information available. 

While we are not Universal Studios, we do have a little something EXTRA in store for true fans. For $15, we are offering a fun EXPERIENCE for 1,000 wristband holders*. This *EXPERIENCE is geared towards kids ages 5 to 12 years old who can actively participate in the events (generally should be able to read). Wristbands are limited in number to provide an enjoyable experience and to allow for parking, since parking lots will be limited.

How many wristbands should I get?:

Immediate family can walk with children through the ‘experiences’ but will have to stay to the side (or near the outer area watching in). Please purchase a wristband only for those old enough to behave and interact. Children are expected to follow the rules set forth by Hogwarts teachers….or else ‘Expelliarmus!’. Wristbands are limited to 4/family. 

Please note: The full Sorting Hat experience consists of walking up and down stairways (for effect). If handicap accessability is required, please contact us and we will make an effort to tailor your experience for your child. 

Please note: Stations of fun activities geared for kids 12 and younger (old enough to actively participate) will be available throughout Kings Highway and will be free (wristband holders will have access to these free stations, but will additionally have the experience listed below). Businesses will have something for all ages Halloween themed.

Please keep in mind this is the first year hosting this event....we look forward to what our town can provide and will always strive to improve.

What you get for a $15/wristband:

  • Letter of acceptance by mail addressed to your child
  • Child sized wand
  • 15 minute Sorting Hat experience…***MUST arrive 15 mins prior to start time…***PLEASE allow extra time to park and navigate to Bethesda Church on Railroad Ave in Swedesboro.
  • House lanyard
  • Short Potions interactive tent (wristband holders will interact….families will be to the side and may be limited to one representative per child according to space)
  • Marauder’s Map
  • Portkey Scavenger Hunt (fun for the family!) 
  • Trivia Stamp page
  • Photo Booth access 
  • One parking space per family held until 2pm.(MUST pick up wristband AND parking pass-details sent via email or on website)
  • All free fun activity classes and photo ops on Kings Highway!

How it will work:

1. Sign up for a timeslot for your SORTING HAT experience. Be sure you arrive at Bethesda Church on Railroad Avenue and Kings Highway 15 minutes PRIOR to the start time of your event. (Allow enough time to navigate traffic, park and walk to the destination).  Your POTIONS CLASS tent will be relatively close to the sorting hat area...just a few minute walk. You should arrive for your potions class as noted on your ticket (which is exactly fourty-five minutes after your Sorting Hat time). This will 'keep the flow' so you do not have to wait endlessly in line. (Potions Tent FYI...there will be a small window of opportunity to experience the Potions Tent 11am-11:30am that will be open to any band holders first come-first experience only per person, so you will simply be 'trading' your designated timeslot should you choose to come during this time instead). 

2. Print your receipt 

3. You will receive an email within the week telling you details regarding Wristband (and parking pass) pick-up. If you do not receive an email, the same information can be accessed through the WRISTBAND tab of This site will have Writband Pick-Up information. 

4. DO NOT LOSE wristbands or parking passes. We cannot issue more. 

General public without a wristbands: Remember, anyone without a wristband is welcome to join the free festivities on Kings Highway, but unless they are a guardian (or sibling) of the wristband holder, they will not be permitted in the wristband only areas. Please keep in mind parking will be difficult! Carpool when you can, drop-offs and suggestions available on Transportation Tab on our website: 

Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not associated with or responsible for the festival in any way. We must thank J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros. Pictures & Universal Studios, for without them we would not have the Harry Potter that we all love and cherish. Thank you to the entire creative team that made Harry Potter a reality.